Established in Tunis on January 15, 1977, the Club Culturel Ali Belhouane (CCAB) emerged as a beacon of cultural enrichment, is a non-profit, non-governmental, non -political tunisian association. Recognized under visa no. 4809 of the law enacted on June 14, 1980, the club holds the esteemed approval of the Tunisian Ministry of Youth.

Since its inception, the CCAB has tirelessly championed the cause of cultural diversity and artistic innovation. Its mission extends far beyond borders, reaching out to young minds, children, and adults alike. From grassroots initiatives to nationwide campaigns and even international collaborations, the club’s influence permeates various strata of society.

By cultivating a nurturing environment for creativity and expression, the CCAB endeavors to empower individuals to explore, learn, and grow. Through its multifaceted programs and initiatives, it seeks to instill a sense of pride in cultural heritage while fostering a spirit of openness to new ideas and perspectives. In doing so, the club serves as a catalyst for positive change, bridging communities and fostering understanding in an ever-evolving world.